With many businesses attempting to undergo digital transformation in an effort to reduce costs, simplify IT and increase business agility; the challenge they face is that legacy IT creates complexity, increases costs, reduces business speed and elevates risk.

This consumes valuable administrator time, prevents key IT personnel from focusing on strategic business initiatives and slows down the delivery of new business services to market.

The reliance on manual processes to deploy, manage and scale-out resources across real-time business environments, while maintaining very high levels of application availability, also creates undue business risk - with 82% of companies undergoing this digital transformation admit to an 'availability gap' - in which these layers of management complexity and manual processes introduce errors, downtime, and loss of credibility and revenue.

Invisible infrastructure that just works.

Nutanix Acropolis makes datacentre infrastructure invisible by delivering an Enterprise Cloud that enables IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud natively converges silos of compute, storage, networking and virtualisation in a hyperconverged platform to run any workload, at any scale.
  • Through the Nutanix Prism management console, your customers can accelerate application infrastructure deployments and simplify IT operational management through its low touch, one-click provisioning capabilities.
  • When Nutanix is combined with Veeam Availability Suite, your customers gain further operational simplicity, ease of management and availability, through a highly scalable, agentless solution that provides recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPTO™) of under 15 minutes for all applications and data across hybrid cloud environments.

How does it work?

Veeam compliments Nutanix infrastructure resiliency through Availability features that dramatically simplify the rapid recovery of critical business applications and data.

Some of these capabilities include:

  • Instant VM Recovery: With a few mouse clicks, recover VMs and their associated data in seconds and minutes directly from backup copies to ensure critical application recovery SLAs.
  • Granular Data Recovery: Veeam Explorers for Microsoft SQL, AD, Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle provide agentless, granular and rapid recovery of individual objects, files and individual application items from a simple and intuitive web search-engine-like interface.
  • Sure Backup: Verify the integrity and recoverability of all applications and data through Veeam’s Sure Backup feature.
  • On-Demand Sandbox: A higher ROI in Availability and data protection by leveraging Veeam to quickly provision virtual labs that are totally isolated from production to spin up dev./test, user training and DR testing environments.

Choosing Veeam and Nutanix together leverages the strengths of both products - to provide your customers with the perfect availability solution, and enable the next generation of enterprise data centres.

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