A software-defined data centre is crucial for customers who want to grow at pace, digitally transform and get apps up and running quickly without impacting users.

In this Data Centre Maturity Audit, we’ll ask questions around your potential customer’s organisation in the following key areas: software-defined networking, software-defined storage and server virtualisation.

Once complete, you’ll get a free report that will explain:

  • How to identify data centre opportunities within your customer’s organisation.
  • How effective your customer’s organisation is at planning, executing, and delivering software-defined solutions.
  • How mature your customer’s business process is surrounding the software-defined data centre and how their overall rating is set against industry benchmarks.
  • How to improve methodologies and best practice to cross-sell and upsell data centre solutions to more customers.

Maximise your opportunities by identifying and landing the right data centre projects.

Complete the Data Centre Maturity Audit now

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