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Empower your customers to work flexibly, securely, and cost-effectively by managing their Office 365 experiences through Tech Data.

The benefits you can gain by delivering Microsoft Office 365 to your customers are extensive. You can build on the basic package and expand your opportunities by adding managed services to your Office 365 practice and becoming your customer’s outsourced IT department. Ultimately, by delivering Office 365 through Tech Data, you can enjoy recurring revenues from increasingly loyal customers.

Microsoft Office 365 prices will increase in 2017, so for the most cost-effective plan moving forwards, you should bring your customers across today.


Office 365’s commercial revenue has increased by 54%


60% of the Fortune 500
have adopted Office 365

Work with Tech Data and Microsoft along your journey towards being a multi-cloud partner and deliver the benefits of Office 365 to your customers.

With Office 365 and Tech Data, our partners can deliver:


and speed


Data backup
and licensing


Cost-effectiveness and flexibility

Enhance your customer’s success with Office 365

Call centres need to adjust their capacity to support seasonal changes and major events. Our partner, Kelsey Networks manages Office 365 and Azure CSP services for their customers through the StreamOne license lifecycle management platform from Tech Data.

By managing their Office 365 experience, Kelsey Networks helps their customers to add users on a flexible basis, without the need for detailed negotiations and fixed agreements. All users are given access to the latest technology with Office 365, getting everything they need to ensure compliancy, device, and data protection for the business and their customers.

Kelsey Networks moves their customers from small teams to up to hundreds of users, in a matter of hours. By working with our Kelsey Networks, customers focus on making a success of their business, rather than prioritising licensing management. This empowers customers to increase productivity and drive business growth.

“We always ask our customers “what do you want to do and where do you want to be?” Call centres have to be able to flex and now we can help our customers to achieve what they need in a matter of hours. It just works.”

- Kelsey Networks


Microsoft aim to reach an annualised commercial cloud revenue run rate of $20 billion in 2018.

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